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Firedaze, writers and performers of original folk rock, released their second album 'Ever After Land' in May 2014. The album features eleven original tracks of contemporary folk rock. It also marks the point of transition in the band's music to a new sound firmly driven by foot percussion and sampled drum loops but still retaining the lively musical fusion of rock, folk, celtic fiddle melodies and rhythms to dance to...

Dan Holland reviewing Ever After Land on the Folkwords website said:
"Long-time Firedaze fans will find all they expect and more, those new to Firedaze will find the ever-expanding directions of folk rock can only benefit from albums like 'Ever After Land'".

With a few festival performances under their belts, it was in 2006 that Firedaze fully emerged as a gigging folk rock three piece, with Steff, Jen and String coming together onstage for regular appearances. The band went into the studio to record the original Triality album at the end of 2007 and a year later their line-up expanded temporarily to a 4 piece with the addition of bodhran player Steve.

In addition to venues across the Midlands - Firedaze have played at: Cheltenham Fringe Festival, Off the Tracks festival, Leamington Peace Festival, Earlsdon Festival, Riverside Festival (Stamford), Kenilworth Festival , Ufton Arts Festival, and the Folk Moot Festival (Donnington Le Heath).

Firedaze play "Folk, Rock and Rhythms you can dance to". It's a form of Modern Folk that's basically rock guitars, folky fiddle, bass, foot percussion and looped, driving beats all with Steff's distinctive and strong vocals over the top and a healthy dollop of backing vocal harmonies throughout.

Bass-player String said: "We come from a variety of musical backgrounds, but we've all got a keen interest in rock, folk and roots music. We love making music that is contemporary, relevant and above all fun. We also love playing live music that you can dance to and enjoy."
Ever After Land is available on Amazon, iTunes and CD Baby. It can also be streamed on services like Spotify and LastFM.

You can read the full Dan Holland review on

BOOKINGS - Firedaze are now also available for gigs as an acoustic trio as an alternative to the usual full electric version of the band.

Just get in touch on 01926 421830 to find out about availability. (Scroll down for a selection of the latest gig photos.)

The latest CD e.p. is always available free to any interested venues, festivals, magazine reviewers etc - just e-mail Firedaze with details, and they''ll send you a copy.


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Moot Festival, Folk Rock  band Firedaze - Steff


Vocals, guitar, bass, foot percussion

Steff is one of the founder members of Firedaze, and has been playing guitar since she was 10. Her first paid public appearance was at the age of 14, and she enjoyed it so much she's never wanted to stop being on stage. "Being on stage, playing music together with two good mates, and knowing it sounds good, is just the best."

Foot percussion is the latest addition to the Firedaze sound, with a Stompbox providing a strong bass beat. "it can get a bit tiring during a long song, but I think the sound is worth it," Steff said.

Anorak note: "On stage, I play a Patrick Eggle LA or an Overwater Custom guitar, through a Marshall Valvestate amp, with a Digitech FX box. The amp, however, is like no other thanks to an enthusiastic techie who replaced all the boring gold and black knobs with a rainbow of coloured ones. Strings are usually D'Addario, and on the LA they feel gorgeous. I also play a Stonebridge GS20-CM/C acoustic with an onboard Fishman preamp - it's strung with ridiculously expensive Elixir strings that sound lovely. I sing through an AKG headset wireless microphone. For foot percussion - my stomp box (literally a wooden box to stamp on with a mic in it!) is a Shadow Stompin' Bass. String has now set it up to trigger bass drum sounds on the Roland SPD-SX to give me more variety of sounds - I love it."

Over the last few years I've developed a serious passion for ice skating and ice hockey. I love skating and I've also become a dedicated supporter of Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey team.

I've recently decided the team needs need musical support to boost morale - so I wrote a song for them. You can hear it on Soundcloud - just search for "Another One Like That" or click here > >




Alt Folk Band Firedaze - Fiddle player Jen, resting


Fiddle, backing vocals

Jen first joined Firedaze in 2004, adding her distinctive fiddle sound to the band's mix. At first she simply recreated the fiddle lines created by previous members of the band, but she soon started to shape these to her own style, and to co-write new songs with the other band members.

She's been playing the violin since she was 6 years old, initially playing classical music and only moving on to folk style tunes when she joined the band. "Adapting my technique to that of folk rock fiddle has been an exciting, sometimes challenging, but extremely rewarding process," she said. "To play regularly so closely with two talented musicians, bouncing off each other musically and writing new music together, is a thing that lifts the soul - never has my fiddle sung like it does these days!"

Anorak note: "My violin was made in Germany in the mid to late 1800's. It required some renovation in the 80's, entrusting it to the loving attention of Milner and Hallows violin makers (now Alan Milner) in Richmond, North Yorkshire. It features a lion head scroll and mother-of-pearl in-lay flower pattern on the tailpiece.

Currently I am playing using an Incredibow on Pirastro Obligato strings. The strings are nice and bright and respond quickly enough to give clarity to rapid folky-fiddle work and the bow allows for great dynamic range. Onstage I use an Audio Technica Pro35 condenser mic through a Presonus TubePre pre-amp."



Bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals, foot percussion and loops

String is a founder member of Firedaze. Originally a lead guitarist, he has been playing bass since he was about 20.

After years playing a traditional 4 string bass he has now moved to a 5-string bass which has fulfilled his long-held desire for even deeper, lower notes. "There's a sweet spot in our practice room, where you can really feel those notes. It's the best place to stand," String said. "But there's nothing to top the feeling of being on-stage when the band are playing really tightly and giving a great performance AND the audience are well into to it. I love that feeling!"

Anorak note: "My main bass is an MTD Kingston series 5 string, but on some older songs I still play my original trusty, rather ancient, Yamaha 4 string. For strings I use Rotosounds on the Yammy and 5 string D'Adarrio sets provide by Bass Direct for the MTD.
For many years my amplifier was a Trace Eliot 4x10 bass rig but I've now moved over to a Genz Benz Shuttle 9.2 amp with a Genz Benz Focus 2x10 and a 1x15 cab. I love the way this rig sounds with my 5 string bass."
And for drum sounds live I've also just started using a Roland SPD-SX sample pad with a Headrush delay/loop pedal to create some of the beats and rhythm loops that we use on-stage. I also use it to mix in the stomping sounds from Steff's stompbox."


Are you a percussion player? Firedaze are very interested in expanding their folk rock sound by working with a percussionist. If that's you, get in touch by email or by calling 01926 421830.

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Set One: recent gigs - 2017

Firedaze play live in Napton
Firedaze play live in Napton Steff - singer with Firedaze


Set Two: more gigs

Folk Rock band - Firedaze - Fighting For strangers Indie Folk band - Firedaze - What I See
Folkrock band - Firedaze - Coming Home Indie Folk band Firedaze - boots
Firedaze video Alt folk band - Firedaze - Angels With Broken Wings
Indie Roots band - Firedaze, Coming Home, Talbot Inn

Set Three : Shooting videos, April / May 2012

Folk Rock band - Firedaze - Fighting For strangers Indie Folk band - Firedaze - What I See
Folkrock band - Firedaze - Coming Home Indie Folk band Firedaze - boots
Firedaze video Alt folk band - Firedaze - Angels With Broken Wings
Steff Firedaze Steff singer with folk rock band Firedaze
Indie Roots band - Firedaze, Coming Home, Talbot Inn


Set Four: Firedaze at Festivals

Roots rock band Firedaze at Earlsdon Festival Indie Folk rock band Firedaze at Earlsdon festival

Earlsdon Festival


Alt folkk band Firedaze - LPF Indie Folk band Firedaze - LPF

Leamington Peace Festival


Folk Rock band Firedaze at The Moot Alt Folk band Firedaze at the Moot - Jen

Manor Folk Moot

alt folk band Firedaze at Riverside Fetival
Folk rock band Firedaze at Riverside Festival - Jen Steff and String from Folk rock band Firedaze - Riverside Sands

Riverside Festival


Alt Folk band Firedaze at Ufton Festival Indie Folk band Firedaze at Ufton

Ufton Festival

Steff from Folk Rock band Firefdaze - Kenilworth String from Indie folk band Firedaze - Kenilworth
Kenilworth Festival